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Re: In Which I Agree With David
Posted by Don (Guest) - Wednesday, February 14 2007, 5:46:39 (CET)
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You know it's funny...I have seen only a few people come with lots of force in their writings - you one of them. But what happens when I read your doesn't make me want to abandon what I believe in (which you still don't know and I don't really care if you care to), but rather makes me want to improve at it more and more.

For all the trash talking it seems like people are doing about you (I don't really know what's going on b/c I don't visit most of those other forums nor do I have the time to...I only know they write against you or ban you b/c I've been skimming a few of the posts here lately), I think they would actually have a lot to benefit of if they just thought about what you said.


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