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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, October 23 2010, 20:10:39 (UTC)
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"The Levant had been fought over by the Byzantines and the Persians since the days of Justinian (Byzantine Emperor, mine). Heraclius and the Byzantines had regained full control of the Holy Land from the Persians barely ten years before the arrival of the Muslims. Moreover many of the Christians in the region were regarded as schismatics and heretics (in other words, our people, mine) by the Orthodox authorities in Constantinople, who had oppressed them REMORSELESSLY (emphasis mine). This is one reason why some of the Christian accounts present conflicting views of the Muslim Conquest. It was the Orthodox who usually anathematized the Muslims most fiercely. They were not universally regarded irreconcilably as enemies by all the Christian communities."

So, the Byzantine Christians had barely ten years to oppress our people REMORSELESSLY....hardly time to get the fires and chains and instruments of torture warmed up....luckily for Aprim though the Arabs came in the nick of time, like the cavalry to the rescue in those old cowboy movies.


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