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Re: Iraq's Christians seek refuge with Kurds
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, June 28 2014, 15:09:37 (UTC)
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They're already insignificant and the only thing they have is the handful of monkeys that read their "books" and stroke them on their forums so the last thing they need is for Christians in Iraq to get along with Muslims. But when you talk to the majority of them, they say they had no problems with Muslims in Iraq. This isn't Kazakhstan or some other Muslim country where Christians didn't exist and would have problems with Muslims. Iraqis are close to one another and one can see that even in the US where Detroit has the largest Iraqi community and many of them Muslims and Chaldeans. I recent had a marriage in my family and many of uncles were there and every one of them was happy about that Iraqi throwing his shoe at Bush and all of them hate him and his father. Only aprim and that dick swallower bet solomon, that Jew fucker like the Bush family.


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