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Re: Irish Terrorists....or are they Christian?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Tuesday, October 12 2010, 16:33:17 (UTC)
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Arrow wrote:
>>...Jesus didn't turn the cheek to the money changers in the temple....he chased them out with some violence...wasn't this contrary to what were his supposed teachings? Where in his Beatitudes or Sermon on the Mount did he say something like, "when you find people doing what you don't like, destroy their property and chase them off with threats or worse"?
>They were using a place of worship to make money. It's considered sacrilege. This cannot serve as a basis for a terrorist ideology.

,,,what do you mean? For a few centuries Christian was murdering Christian precisely for "sacrilege"....and may recall the Inquisition....and the Thirty Years War?

Jesus considered it sacrilege, they did not...for centuries Jews had been regularly exchanging the money of Rome, which had an emperor as a god stamped on it, for their own money to use in their Temple..the Jews certainly did not consider it them what Jesus did was sacrilege, and illegal...

....but this shows an interesting and very common habit of you Christians...YOU consider something YOU, regardless of what the people doing this thing you don't like think about it...and that's all it takes for you, or your Jesus, to destroy property and rain violence down on people YOU don't like...this is precisely what we've been talking about: the incredible arrogance you people, and your Jesus, display whenever you find something in the wolrd YOU don't matter what anyone else thinks. This is the very definition of intolerance in action.
>Jesus did not propose political solutions. He did not call for the liberation of Judea, and he did pay taxes to Caesar.

...he wasn't against slavery either, or genocide, or mass murder....
>The IRA in question cannot proclaim be carrying out a religious duty.

...sure they every other Christian nation and entity on earth, including the Nazis who cited God in their oaths of alligence, on their belt buckles,, in Hitler's books and speeches and each year when the Catholic Church celebrated Hitler's have to remember that it means nothing to the rest of us when you say, "yes, but you see they aren't REAL Christians",,,if your religion can't get it right, then CHANGE your religion...stop unleashing these admittedly "failed" Christians on the rest of the world...if Christianity was a product that killed or maimed or rendered violent even 5% of those who swallow it, it would be banned as dangerous to the health of human beans and removed from all people keep producing legions of sick and crazed people who all believe they are Christian soldiers marching "onward as to war" for their can't keep telling people..."oops, so sorry, there go ANOTHER ten thousand wrong Christians" If you people can't get it right...give it up! Or change your methods so yo don't produce so many mass-murderers convinced they are doing your god's work.

You got this habit from your God who refused to take responsibility for all the failed humans HE created and wanted to wipe THEM out...for HIS screw-up....and did it by sending his dear son to be killed for THEM, whom he was going to kill for HIS failure. No wonder you have no sense of responsibility for the crimes Christianity has unleashed with such isn't THEIR fault!

It''s people say that Islam forces people to be violent, to wage constant war for it's god....and yet history shows that in the last 200 years alone they have not...not unless attacked...but that Christians, who claim their religion forces THEM to be peaceful and meek etc., are actually the ones who brought us two world wars, two atom bomb attacks on innocent civilians and an immense arms industry that forces people into wars, for profit. It seems both followers get it "wrong". Muslims, according to you, don't listen to Allah...and neither do Christians listen to their god...Muslims because they DON'T wage wars and Christians because they don't STOP waging wars.....go back a hundred years and show us when Christians have NOT been fighting other Christians others, often far from their own borders...and show us in that same time period what wars Muslims nations have started.....


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