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Posted by Maggie (Guest) - Wednesday, February 7 2007, 1:19:55 (CET)
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Not to mention BOTH of them were founded on MURDER, MAYHEM, TREACHERY, JEALOUSY among bishops, and SCHEMING to do each other in, and overthrowing each other, in other words, EXACTLY the way these churches operate TODAY!!

pancho wrote:
>...sounds wonderful but who`s gonna nail your feet to the floor when the going gets it`s bound to do?
> thing and I don`t want this to unduly frighten you but can you explain to me how it is that the oldest Assyrian church, the Church of the East, was callled simply the Nestorian Church all these centuries and we were equally content to be called Nestorians...and why this changed in the 1960s...wait, I`m not done...then tell me how it is that we insist that we converted to Jesus all by ourselves, with no one forcing us to, at the same time Jesus lived, therefore from the "very beginning", yet the two major sects of Christianity among us, and the earliest, the Nestorian and Monophysite, were both born in the 5th century Roman or Greek Byzantium? They were born there, not BetNahrain and spread from there...but well after the time of Jesus...and they remained dominant in Byzantium too until the Turks cleaned the place out.
> can we be "among the first Christians"...and be all so authentically Assyrian and all that, when we adopted, don`t ask me why, two Roman heresies that never saw the light of day till 400 years after Christ?
>And if that`s too much I`m sure there`s a bus heading out of town right about now.


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