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Re: Islam Isn't Violent?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, June 4 2011, 22:06:05 (UTC)
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You gonna compare a few ignorant, uneducated Muslims from mostly third world countries who may harm someone for insulting their prophet with what Christians are doing? Muslims haven't dropped atomic weapons, committed holocausts, wiped out entire towns and peoples nor have they put sanctions on anyone. Weapons are owned and made by Christians and sold to around the world for huge profits. The politicians who support wars and sanctions on poorer and darker people are all Christians. The bankers who benefit and finance wars so they gain profits are almost all Christians. Out of all the wars, killings etc, Christians have been responsible for 90% of it while other communities only 10%. Christians have also killed more of their own than Muslims have.

There is no comparison between the two when it comes to violence. As far as the argument you brought up, that's a bit over exaggerated also because very very few Muslims actually harm people for insults. Christians are harming people for no particular reason at all except because of color and religion and for money. In Muslim Spain and other times during the golden age, Christians used to insult Islam and were not harmed. This ignorance started recently and it's almost always ignorant and and uneducated people who do so. I know Assyrians who fight, kill and harm each other over when the correct Christmas is. I am sure you know about those who celebrate on the 7th and those on the 25th. I have witnessed it for myself. I remember a huge brawl broke out between the two in Baghdad and it took Iraqi police to come to the rescue and stop them from further harming one another and Muslims were just shaking their heads and wondering what the hell they was fighting for.

Is this the best you can come up with against Islam? I know many many Muslims and they wouldn't kill people for insulting Islam and most wouldn't even waste their time on people who call names and use foul language toward Muhammad. My uncle was an alcoholic in Iraq and he would get on top of his roof and shout all kinds of insults against Muhammad, Allah and Islam in Arabic yet nobody harmed him. He is still alive and his Muslims neighbors juts looked at him as crazy and drunk. They would get him off the roof and put him to sleep.


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