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Re: Islam Isn't Violent?
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, June 5 2011, 1:19:42 (UTC)
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The Ottomans were a superpower for over 600 years and ruled over 3 continents where people of various faiths lived together. Sure, there were no atomic weapons or missiles in those days but they had weapons, and military which was dominant yet they didn't do those things. The only incident we know of is around ww1 where Christians claim a genocide occurred against Armenians, Greeks and others, but that's disputable to this day and lacks evidence. What we do know is that the Ottoman empire was dominant and various peoples thrived for 600 years at least. The Arab Muslim empire was also a superpower after it defeated the two powers of that time(Persia and Byzantium), and the same thing as with the Ottomans, they didn't prove to be horrible. I am not taking sides nor favoring Islam but just pointing out the difference between history. I personally wouldn't lose a minute of sleep if both Islam and Christianity went away but I am just comparing what each has done.

Westerners/Christians have been the most violent people in our history, and they used to kill one another but now the darker peoples have become the new target.


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