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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, December 9 2010, 18:54:34 (UTC)
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There is too little challenge of basic assumptions....before terms are even defined people are off and running with their half-baked assumptions or downright lies, or misinformation.

In a debate with Power never accept the terms and definitions provided for you....or, as Voltaire famously said, "if you would argue with me first define your terms".

We allowed a highly tainted and dubious definition of "terrorist" to slip past us....then the word "hero" was altered and of course "Islam" and "jihad" have been completely perverted from the outset so that all future discussion of these key topics is flawed or rendered meaningless before a discussion even begins.

1. what is a terrorist, really?...and what is "sponsoring" terrorism?

2. which is the more violent religion, Islam or Christianity (as demonstrated by what each has actually done in the world)?

3. who has been the enemy of Jews...Christianity or Islam?

4. Do Palestinians "hate" Jews or anybody who would do what Israel is doing to them?

...there are many more. But a perverse definition of these terms is now taken as the truth....without anyone pausing to define the terms we are to use(which would make you a prissy "elitist" on top of everything else)IF we want to make sense...and it's highly doubtful the Establishment wants clarity...or anything BUT confusion...or, at the least, definitions of words and ideas that tilt the playing field in their favor before the game even starts.

Now Assange is a "terrorist", which means that Obama can legally order his assassination. Assange has "attacked" America, while America is only trying to bring Peace and Democracy to the world, by conducting illegal wars and killing people long-distance.....I have a headache..........


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