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Posted by Jeffrey (Guest) - Sunday, July 3 2011, 16:51:16 (UTC)
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I've been following the forums for years, used to be involved in the community for years via non-profits, and I swear you must have touched upon 95% of the most common tactics used within our community, just in this exchange with Andre and the snippets you have shared here. It always involves character assassination, no doubt.

I remember speaking with a very prominent woman in our community who told me that she became the president of one of our organizations, realized only after winning that it was severely in the red, the books were in shambles, the organization had no direction, no organization, and this "institution" was on quick sand. For 2 years she worked tirelessly to clean it up, all the while battling sexist men and character assassination. After 2 years, she didn't even want to remain involved or try to get re-elected as president, and discontinued her involvement with that organization, yet when she left they were in the black again, and a lot more stable of an institution from top to bottom.

I'll say it again, one day the competent people will shame the freaks from being involved and not the other way around.


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