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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Saturday, September 25 2010, 7:25:00 (UTC)
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Firstly there could be no genocide without a homogenous modern nation state.

So the pogroms and mon massacres that took place before WW1 could not have been considered genoicde of course.

But when the Young Turks took over they renamed, and rebranded the new Turkish state and instituted a deliberate policy of homogenisation through one language, one culture and one religion.

The majority of the Ottoman citizens culturaly conformed to the homogenisation policy and continued as loyal Turkish citizens. A portion that objected and were on the periphery of the empire were in some cases deported like the Jews and Greeks who later returned as allied soldiers to attack the Turks. The Armenians and Assyrians however rebeled and in some cases such as the attack on Simko's village by the Assyrians even purified their Muslim neighbours through genocide.

However the new Turkish nation state as a whole took extreme measures in putting down the rebellion on the periphery of the empire and starvation, isolated massacres along with deportations and death marches resulted in many deaths on both sides, with the stromnger Turkish side prevailing of course.

Those Christians and Jews in Istanbul were culturaly homogenised as they could not be used by the allies as a fifth column. Even loyal citizens such as the Jews with no external co-religionist empires providing support were targetd through deportation.

So you see there is evidence of a clear pattern of assimilation of their nation state. In most cases this was a cultural policy homogenising the new Turkish state but at its extreme - in cases of rebellion and external Christian support - it deteriated into massacre, deportation and strvation.


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