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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Friday, February 29 2008, 8:33:06 (CET)
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You know what you are right and I can see that from my own experience. I have lived with Turks and Arabs in the past and they never had problems with my family. We were like familes. The same goes now in Atlanta. I know Kurds, Arabs both Sunni and Shiites, Turkomans and few Assyrian/Chaldean families and I see that they love them just as much as they love their own and sometimes even more. As for the intermarriage that is not something new but that existed for many centuries. Kurds and Syriac Christians lived together, married etc because the Kurds saw tribe more important. There were for example Kurdish tribes which consisted of both Kurds and Assyrians. The myth that Assyrians were and have always been a tiny small "proud Christian minority" surrounded by barbaric Muslim Arabs, Kurds, Turks, Iranians, Azeris, etc is something that these nationalists have recently dreamed up. That is their excuse for why there was no "Assyrian Nation" all this time. The excuse is that they were persecuted for it. This has been proven to be a lie that is why no one has bought in to it except for a very few dumb asses with certain agendas. That is the reason why they failed time after time to just provide one incident in which they were killed for their religion or ethnicity and where they were persecuted.

As we have seen all along, there is lots of name calling and insults but no "proof". We can all make claims as we like but providing evidence is another issue. If they had any, they would have long brought it and shut their "enemies" up. As for the Kurds, you are right why should I hate them for having the courage, heart and power to do get what they want? I was wrong back in the days for hating them but that's because I was following the same agenda but not no more.


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