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Posted by Tiglath (Guest) - Tuesday, December 18 2007, 15:19:09 (CET)
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Not the bloddy Jonah and the whale story again.
How embarrassing that the author of that story intended to use our ancestors as a lesson with which to teach the straying Jews about Yawheh. The morale of the story happens to be look the godless, bloodthirsty Assyrians even accepted Yawheh, why not you the children of Israel?

The event is also estimated to occur at the time of Adad Nirari a time in which archaelogical evidence clearly shows that the Assyrians did not convert on mass to Judaism but continued worshipping Ashur.

What's ironic is that one or the other of the two stories, Abggar's letter to Jesus and the Jonah and the whale story cancel each other.

I mean either the Jonah and the whale story is true and we converted to Christianity around 825 BC and not during the first century OR the Abggar writes a letter to Jesus story and accepts Christianity story is true and the Jonah and the whale story is false.

But I'm preaching to the converted, the others who don't read here don't believe that Dinosaurs existed because it aint in the Bible for Ashur's saker.


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