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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 25 2007, 17:16:08 (CET)
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"a Nestorian Syriac culture"

*** Where do you get terms like that? From Professor Joseph? or pancho's dictionary?

" What does names like "Shlemon" "Shmuel" "Dinkha" "daniel" etc have to do with "Ashur" "Sargon" "Belchasser" "Tighlat" "Tikulty" etc? nothing at all."

*** Didn't you parents tell you what those names mean in Assyrian? No? Okay then, check pancho's dictionary...

I mean seriously Mazloom, why do you think that when you're too stupid to know something, everyone else won't know it too? And why do you think that when something doesnt make sense in your messed up head, it can't make sense to anybody else?

"The ancient Assyrians were much more civilized"

*** More civilized than you and the other idiot pacho?

" Just they kill their daughters today for just marrying outside their church,"

*** lol You are truely blessed, PRAISE ALLAH. Who put that shit in your head? Mommy? or Daddy?

You need urgent help boy... Get a candy


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