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Posted by Muncho (Guest) - Tuesday, December 25 2007, 23:02:56 (CET)
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"I mean either the Jonah and the whale story is true and we converted to Christianity around 825 BC and not during the first century OR the Abggar writes a letter to Jesus story and accepts Christianity story is true and the Jonah and the whale story is false."

One needs a shift in thought and a waking up to realize that Xtianity wasn't a new religion; that new language "Lables and Terms" are created in every generation; that those who followed GEEZIS never called themselves Xtians; and that, when a person believes in Electromagnetism, he does not become an "Electromagnetician", unless the person has no clue what that word means...

Most importantly, what ANYONE preaches today, FOR or AGAINST, Xtianity or any other religion, is nothing but the BS that people have been programmed with, or programmed themselves with, through "selective amnesia" caused by all the painful experience of a few bad ones they got disappointed in after falling in love with...

I mean, take this pancho monkey, for example... "SIX MILLION" Jews were killed by Hitler, GEEZIS was a Jew, There NEVER WAS Assyrians, ALL Muslims are SAINTS, ALL Xtians are murderers, and ALL those (INCLUDING women, children and old people) who have ever been killed in Muslim countries, were killed for treason or sedition...

Isn't he the perfect clone of Fox, CNN, and AlJazeera all blended together? And don't you see the results in the new clone Mazloom already?


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