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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Tuesday, December 18 2007, 22:56:21 (CET)
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There was nothing to convert to because the ancient Assyrians just like all other people of the ancient world knew about monothesism, about God, mercy, obedeience etc. They may have called their God as Ashur while Hebrews called him Elohim or Yahew, and everyone else call him by the names in their own languages. When the prophet Jonhah(as) came to the Ninevites, they accepted his teachings and they obeyed God. It wasn't conversion to a new religion but rather just following the original nature and that is obedience, worship and submit to the Creator. Names like Judaism, Hinduism, etc were all man made and adopted later on in times. So while todays Christian Assyrians pretend as if our great ancastors were some barabric monsters, they forget that they were more civilized than todays Syriac speaking Christians who only now came to call themselves "Assyrians". Look just a little closer, and you will find that it has nothing to do with the ancients at all. The ancients spoke a language of their own, had their own names and culture and today we have a Nestorian Syriac culture which has nothing to do with ancient Assyrians. What does names like "Shlemon" "Shmuel" "Dinkha" "daniel" etc have to do with "Ashur" "Sargon" "Belchasser" "Tighlat" "Tikulty" etc? nothing at all.

They have to say something in order to excuse and to cover up for the 1,700 years of misery that those Assyrians faced who went from "Assyrian" to "Syriac", "suraye" "nestornaye" etc. The ancient Assyrians were much more civilized than what a modern Fred Aprim could ever be or wish to be. How in the world were they able to achieve the things they did if they were such monsters? I mean yes they were fierce fighters, brave, warriors and fearless, but they also knew about peace, politics, dimplomacy, civilization, laws, God, etc. They can't give 2 much credit to them or else the church of the east will look and prove itself as useless just as it has been. While these "assyrians" only became "Assyrians now, the people of Iraq especially the northern parts such as "Mosul" etc, always knew that the ancient Assyrians were their great ancastors. But of course it's kinda hard to now days claim "Assyrian" without having to explain "not Christian". Of course no one has and will ever go as far as these guys have gone in claiming a nationality or ethnicity, yet it is only based on religion and it used to be based on Christian "denomination" and we still have a few boys outhere who will go as far as claiming not only you have to be Christian but you have to be "Church of the East" in order to be Assyrian.

I mentioned that a while bck on one of my messages how if Aprim or any of these modern "assyrian nationalists" were Roman Catholic from Iraq that they would most likely be calling themselves "Chaldeans" and hell propably even cry for a "Chaldea". but since they were "lucky" to be Nestorian and receive the Assyrian label from the British, now they can scream "Assyria" "nationalism" etc. They claim that Assyrians repented almost 2000 years ago when they accepted "Christianity" but over look the fact that they have been far worse than the ancients. Hell the ancients at least were great geniuses and had many achievements, these guys can't even throw a picnic, get along or hear a different view. These are "Assyrians"? I don't think so. The ancient Assyrians use 2 hunt lions and Aprim claims our people lived in "fear". Assyrians and fear don't go hand in hand very well. Something doesent add up right. But whatever they say it don't matter because 99% chance is that it's a lie. The ancient Assyrians did not embrace Christianity in 33 ce as our nationalist would like to think unless they mean to say they became "Christian" before there was such a thing. It wasn't until at least the 4 century that a good number of Assyrians may have accepted Christianity but it wasn't all and it wasn't "freelyt" as they want us to believe. Just they kill their daughters today for just marrying outside their church, imagine what they did to our ancient Assyrian brothers who didn't want to worship a pagan god of the Romans whom they took from the Jews.


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