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Re: Kucinich: What Will We Sacrifice for These Wars?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, January 27 2011, 12:47:56 (UTC)
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'The Bush Administration was wrong about the benifits of the war -' They are talking about the Iraq war - 'and was wrong about the costs of the war. The president and his advisers expected a quick, inexpensive conflict. Instead, we have a war that is costing more than anyone could have imagined.'
budget," said Kucinich."

They were only "wrong" if you're still stupid enough to believe what they say for public consumption....the neo-cons and Repubs are primarily concerned with tapping into our Bush they are't much good at making money legitimately in the "free market"...they are inept, not clever, lazy and greedy for money and status....the best way they've found to get big bucks is take it from the middle class and anyone else they can steal from...that's the reason the middle class is disappearing: because Repubs have been robbing them systematically for decades in the name of Patriotism and Security.

They ALWAYS knew and hoped the war would drag on and on and expand...they made NO "mistakes" or miscalculations about getting stuck over there, not winning, or winning quickly...winning quickly would mean an end to billions in cash...why would they rob themselves?

I donīt see how you can fix something until you see clearly WHERE it is really broken. The error wasnīt in was in the KINDS of calculations.


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