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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Tuesday, December 11 2007, 22:28:05 (CET)
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Muncho wrote:
>It's your lucky day again... You get "known and undisputed facts" from your master Monkey who does ALL the "research" for you...
>Here is how he starts presenting his "known facts" to help make it easy for you to understand:
>"This isn’t the first time we’ve turned on each other because of Jesus."
>I mean, don't you just LOVE your master monkey, AssyrianMazloom? Of course, if it wasn't for him and his super "researching" ability to find "facts", you would have never "discovered" that all those problems were because of "jesus", right?...
>The Monkey can only recognize a banana...
>Greed and Power struggle had nothing to do with it...
>Are monkeys colour blind?

Man shut yo hoe ass up bitch. You lied again just now. Where the fuck did I blame Jesus(pbuh)? I have always been chrystal clear that if I ever ever say anything toward "Christians" or "Christianity" Jesus has nothing to with that. Whenever we Muslims say anything in regard of Christianity which may sound critical, it is in no way anything toward Isa Masih ibn Maryam Arasulullhah(pbuh). I don't know where or what your sorry ass has been reading but it seems that you are always missing something or saying something that never was. I don't blame Jesus(pbuh) for the Assyrian problem or any problem but I blame the founders of Christianity which had nothing to do with him or his teachings. But I will blame that bastard Paul(the Roman agent) and his klan which killed the real followers of Jesus(pbuh) who were purely monothestic and were willing to die for their faith, infact they were killed for it all of them became martyrs.

However, fucks like you are just a counterfit and you know you have nothing to do with Jesus(pbuh) nor do you really give a fuck about that, but it's just that you havent had anything important or serious to say, so you just behave like a fool. It is really not even worth responding to your messages but I was free for a few minutes and i figured I be fair enough and clarify my stand on that.


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