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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, March 1 2017, 14:17:56 (UTC)
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I didn't watch the entire thing either. I mistakenly thought that I was posting a documentary about Dr. Atoraya and how or why he died as he did in the Soviet Union.

Regarding the Turks, I came across a couple of new (conspiracy?) theories: one of which is that the Young Turks were actually Doenmeh Jews:



The other had to do with an emotional speech I had to listen to by the corner store Armenian clerk who was adamant that since the Turks were pushed back by the Europeans, they decided to go East, via a Pan-Turkish plan to connect all of the Turkic peoples from Turkey to Azerbaijan across the Caspian to Turkmenistan to the other "stans" (Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan), all the way to the Chinese Turkic Uyghurs of Xinjiang (called "East Turkestan" by our State Department). But there was a problem: Armenia being situated between Turkey and Azerbaijan; and therefore, "they genocideded us Christians!" And he continued to tell me that Erdogan is also "a Jew, a Doenmeh!" who's planning to stretch his neo-Ottoman Empire once again... all the way to West China's Xinjiang... but it won't happen, he said... because, well... "Armenia!" by which I think he meant Russia.

So far, the most logical explanation is the one you give, credited to the work of the late scholar, Dr. John Joseph.


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