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Re: Letīs All be Sensitive, or all be Hypocrites, But Letīs All beThe Same
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Thursday, September 2 2010, 21:50:24 (UTC)
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Great point but could you also imagine if Muslims were constantly bombing Christian nations and destroying them. Could you imagine how Americans would feel if Muslims invaded their land, destroy it, occupy it, install new governments, steal resources etc? Imagine if those same Muslims sent missionaries along with the troops, passing out Qurans, along with tooth brushes and insulting Jesus and everything about Christianity. Then, try to convert them to Islam. Imagine how Christians would feel. This is exactly how Christians have been behaving yet wonder when the people fight back and why they hate them. The Christians are hated because of their behaviours and actions but not because of their religion. Those nations wouldn't need rice, flower, and tooth paste if the very same xtians hadn't destroyed them nations. It's like me beating the shit out of someone and then hand him a bag of ice afterwards. He wouldn't need the ice if I had not beaten him in first place. Afghanistan was destroyed by Christians and so was Iraq and other places.

Christians like to provoke their enemy and even the "burn the Quran" day is all sponsored by them. Imagine Muslims burning the bibles and wiping their asses with it.I remember a bible being on the floor and a Muslim telling me to please pick it up and place it on the table. This is common among Muslims to still respect other religious books especially since they have god's name in it and prophets. Christians have hatred in their heart yet expect Muslims will renounce their faith by insulting Muhammad or Islam. I remember myself used to get heated when people would insult Muhammad so I can imagine someone in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia or wherever else. THe Christian is looking for enemies.


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