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Re: Let's Liberate Iran and save the assyrians there.
Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Sunday, January 6 2008, 9:28:52 (CET)
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From my own experience and having the chance to have known a few Assyrians from Iran, I musat say they loved Persia as much as they loved being Assyrian. They even speak the Persian language to one another on the regular, which is kind of similar with the Chaldeans and how they speak a lot of Arabic with one another. But the Assyrians of Iran are not as prejudice as those of Iraq. Even during ww1, the Assyrians in Urmia lived in peace with the rest of their neighbors whether Kurds, Turks, Azeri or Iranian. In fact, any of their problems was a result of the Assyrians from Hakarri who when they arrived there they began causing trouble there, and did the same to Iraq. What shocks me is that the Turkish government allowed thousands of Assyrians to return to Hakarri after the war and the betrayl. That is is very generous on behalf of the Turks to do that. No matter what these clowns say, and no matter how much I disagree with the Turkish government, but I must admit that the Christians and just as all others whether religious minorities or ethinic, they lived in peace under the Ottoman government for centuries. The Christian missionaries took advantage of the kindness of the Muslims just as they always do anywhere they go.

When the Turks finally decided to do something about it, it was already late. In any case, any problems or suffering that the Assyrian Christians may have experienced in the Middle east is a direct result of their own actions. Forming alliances with westerners, betraying their nations, waiting on any oppurtunity to help others attack the coutries they lived in and anything else they do. After all the above, they seem not to have learned from that. Now, in the past century or so, they've been trying to gain their "goal" by playing the "indegenous" game or trying to gain the world's attention by telling how "oppressed" and "persecuted" they are because of their "proud Assyrian descent" and how they been killed for not "renouncing Christ". Of course, such statements will not help out much and they get "insulted" when proof is demanded. I had once read the stupid book by another clown named "John Booko" and in the beginning of his book he was talking about how proud "Christians" Assyrians are and that they wouldn't renounce their faith even at gun point and. I laugh now when I remember reading that or any of books of these clowns. I now no longer read their books anymore since I only read "real" books by real "authors" and "historians" and compare it with the crap they claimed. It's absurd to even compare them or take them serious.

The funniest thing is when they boast about how proud Christians they are and how they wouldn't renounce their faith if Muslims put a gun to their head. First, such idea is pathedic because that is common and very existend in Christian history. That is how it was spread on the Pagans of Europe and wherever else they went. It's funny that they say such things because they know they have such history and they assume that Muslims must have done the same. They think that Muslims went around conquering lands and forcing people to convert to Islam when that was not the case. Most of them know this but still make such comments out of enmity, arrogance and jealousy. They can't accept that Islam's histoy is not the same as Christianity. Totally different history between the two. It's just funny to see such views still exist among these giants of the "Assyrian cause". These are the same people who think that an Assyrian dying in a automobile accident qualifies him/her as a "martyr".

My goodness, I still wonder do they expect to be taken serious or are they just wanting to make name for themselves within their small community. In either case, Allah knows best what they are really doing and they expose themselves or hang themselves with their own rope.


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