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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, February 19 2011, 11:27:16 (UTC)
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My daughter was wondering why there are so many foreign professors at her university, so much so that she found it difficult to understand the heavy accents...and one of them, this is not a cheap school either, responded to an essay by saying she used "too many words"...which I took to mean he didn't understand the half of them....she figured the reason must be that fewer and fewer American students can afford the long, expensive, free-market slog to an advanced degree in America... jobs pay less and become more insecure, a college education is an expensive, and questionable, investment you might never receive the benefits of, or pay-off, when also compared to what it winds up costing you...and yet Obama is a "socialist" simply because he got the Banks out of the college loanshark business they wrestled away from the State, and made a government program once again...

...the increasingly desperate Capitalists, as the fledgling ones in all Third World Countries, will ultimately prey on the State, trying to wrench away already established and successful programs, set up and developed by we the taxpayers, so they can have a "business". Schools, health care, prisons,military, and anything else they could never have established themselves but want to make their own, private enterprise, now.

Face it...there are less and less wild-frontier ways to make money any longer...that Frontier too is drying up. That's the reason for this war on regulations and the EPA etc...because they made it that much harder for capitalist cowboys to ride the wild range....but Capitlaists are doomed, even without regulations because the damage they do will bring us all to collapse that much faster...their "success" will be their quicker demise...just as FDR really saved Capitalism, present-day regulations, where they survive, merely try to forestall one, absolutely no one is actually doing anything to save the earth, they are working to save Capitalism from its own destructive ways and keep the machine going as long as possible.....Pailn for President, if not Dear Leader.


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