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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, September 21 2010, 20:53:27 (UTC)
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Have you ever heard of that Wafa Sultan whore that Bet Shlimon and every Christian worships because she always bad mouths Islam? She was mentioned last year by Bet Shlimon as his source around the time you and I were taking his pants off. Anyways, according to her, the crusades were provoked by Muslims and Christians were only defending themselves but look at what Lord Russell had to say about it. He isn't the only one because anyone who knows about the crusades will never justify them except for bigoted Christians. That whore I just mentioned, is another one of those that is so popular on Christian sites because of her lying. She has her silly reason for supposedly becoming an "ex Muslim" and the reason is because Islam is demonic, evil and bloodthirsty. She also claimed she left the religion after her professor was supposedly murdered by Islamic jihadists in the classroom. However, after doing research, she was exposed and no such incident ever took place on campus and the professor she never knew to begin with was killed off campus and it was not Islamic fanatics who killed him.

She is like the rest who can't tell the difference between a carrot and a penis yet has become an "expert on Islam". If this is what Christians have come to, they are very desperate and in trouble. Thanks for further providing evidence while those who claim all the silly things remain silent or bark around on their safe and regulated forums.


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