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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Saturday, December 8 2007, 0:42:37 (CET)
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Muncho wrote:
>There was a time when the 60+ year old pancho was in "love" with Assyrians. He had full respect for them and never said a bad word abot them... And there also was a time when AzzyrianMazloom was the same... He loved and respected Assyrians and never said a bad word about them either...

Not true I always had bad things to say to those who were no good but things got bad when I decided to accept Islam. To say I loved them and never said a bad word is to make guesses about me. I still have good Assyrian friends(like 4 maybe 5).

>There came a time in pancho's life and in AzzyrianMazloom's life where things happened, and they were irritated, annoyed, frustrated, and probably hurt as well... After that, pancho and azzyrianmazloom had to re-assess their beliefs and ideas about those Assyrians they associated with... pancho and Azzyrianmazloom were hurt and probably felt "deceived"... Now, they have to change thier views about Assyrians, because "Unexpected" things were done to them by Assyrians...

For me is simple as that I am Assyrian and I am Muslim, they have a problem with that and I am not willing to renounce my believe if I were offered all the wealth of the world. I was young and only believed everything without researching. It's not naive but trusting people and taking their words to be true until I researched for myself.

>So, pancho and Assyrianmazloom decide that Assyrians aren't good people anymore, because they "hurt" them in someways, maybe many ways...
>The Question is...
>-- Were pancho and Azzyrianmazloom "Naive and Stupid" before the events that made them turn against those they "Liked"?

There were no such events for me other than their narrow mindness, prejudices and of course their aim to stop me from living my life as a Muslim. I have never lived in an Assyrian community other than my own relatives and I only would visit various communities for long periods of times but never lived with them or anything. I didn't turn against anyone I don't like. If there are people I don't like, I never liked them even before and has nothing to do with it.

>-- Or, did pancho and Azzyrianmazloom ALWAYS know that Assyrians were Bad, but they still decided to go along with them and "pretend" they like them?

No sir, no need to pretend, as I said, I hardly ever lived with them anyways and to this day I live in a city with only 2 Assyrian families that I know of. I have a few Assyrian friends from the internet but that's about it. So there was nothing to pretend. I have always loved my heritage and i still do to this day. I obviously changed my previous bad habits and became a new person in some cases but my love for my heritage never changed.

>-- If pancho and Azzyrianmazloom were "Naive and Stupid" before, for many many years, What makes you think that they are not the same now?

I already answred above and it's still the same. I don't live around Assyrians and hardly ever did. I speak fluently "Aramaic" because it's my language. There is nothing wrong with it and it is important to know one's language and history.

>-- If pancho and Azzyrianmazloom were "good" and "bright" before, what were they doing with the "bad" Assyrians for such a very long time?

Never hung with them and I still don't. I live with various people and get along with anyone no matter where they from.

>pancho spent more than 40 years of his life before he changed his mind, and Azzyrianmazloom spent 20, 30 years? before he also changed his mind about Assyrians...

It's simple as I already clarified. I decided to embrace Islam at some point in my life after researching it and I wan't to be able to practice my faith and not have to worry about a narrow minded Assyrian telling me "I have to be Christian" or having to worry about defending myself physically. I would hate to have to hurt a person but self defense is a God given right.

>Could pancho and Azzyrianmazloom have been so stupid that it took them 20, 30 and 40 years before they woke up to themselves?

Well I was 25 when I accepted Islam if that's what you talking about. But if you are talking about Assyrians, no it didn't take me 20 years to figure out there are many bad ones. But we can't accuse or label every one of them as bad. I mean I know a few myself personally, and I am sure you can be a good person I mean you are willing to admit that there are Assyrians of different beliefs. So no problem.

>What actually happened from the day pancho and Mazloom were kissy kissy with Assyrians, to the day they started hating them with passion?

I never was kissy, kissy with them. I just became skeptical and when I decided to research real information and compared it with what the Christian Assyrian community tried to tell me, I realized that we in the same boat as Chaldeans. We deny them and the Arameans because of "Location" or "geography" lol, yet forget that we have a identical history as them.

So I am not gonna sit there and lie to you or pretend as if I have no problem with them or with some of them, but that's with anything that is wrong whether Assyrian or foreigner. As I said I am an Assyrian, I am a Muslim and I feel that I have the same right as the Christians do as to call myself Assyrian. The Shiites of Karbala, Najaf, Hila and other cities around ancient Babylon call themselves Babylonians. Iraqis in general refer to the ancient Mesopotamians as their ancastors and are proud of their heritage. But if a title or label is only applied based on religion, that is absurd and totally unacceptable.
Explain that without you BS claim that you don't hate anyone...
>Lets see how serious you can get...

This is my answer with all honesty. I don't kiss ass or want anything from them. I don't live with them anyways so it won't bother me in the end, but it's just a principal about the "Assyrian" label.


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