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Re: Maggie Yonan is SHOCKED!
Posted by Just as shocked (Guest) - Monday, December 10 2007, 15:34:28 (CET)
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Any forum that stops you at the gates and runs your thoughts through a Word-X-ray to determine whether your post adheres to some divine standard only known to them are lying through their teeth when they claim SHOCK at other forums action.

SneakAssyria’s start came with a promise to not Ban or Delete but that only lasted a few weeks. It would be understandable if a forum wants to keep it clean but that is not the case because a mere criticism of the administrator or a disagreement with her view will render your post “unworthy”.

To have one lady getting shocked at the other is hilarious.

Both SnaekAssyria and BethNahrain ladies are full of it!


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