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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Thursday, November 5 2015, 0:57:37 (UTC)
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Marcello wrote:
>Practicing Muslims (at least the Iranian Shia) shave or use a hair removal creme called Vajebi at all times. They remove or shave hair from their feet to their ass and balls and everywhere else except for face and head. Maher possibly watched the Palestinian film "Paradise Now" where two men who are preparing to go on a suicide/homicide mission have their body's shaved and he may have estimated from that scene alone a conclusion about the hijackers "being hijacked" by the group leaders because they weren't shaved.

...yes, but, How did they determine that ANYONE had shaved? And who had hair left after an hour of burning jet fuel and explosions and a collapse of buildings on top of people?

...they said about the crash at the Pentagon that no shred of titanium from the engines, or seat covers or anything was found because the fire had destroyed everything! Yet we are told that skin survived,,,,or hair?

The people on those floors where the planes crashed were vaporized...whatever was left of them was burned in the forty minutes of flames after that....and yet Maher makes such a ridiculous statement as "...they FOUND" evidence of shaving??? Or hair???

Or is he just trying to portray the four he says flew the planes as such low-down rats that they lied to their pals and tricked them to their deaths? Are Muslims THAT low...according to Maher? Is that what he was trying to say?


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