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Re: Maherís Lamest Muslim Joke Yet?
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, April 20 2015, 14:42:41 (UTC)
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It's praiseworthy to speak truth to power, especially to make fun of power...but to make fun of victims is cowardly...and that's what Maher does.

We all like it when he takes on big business of government or religion...but when he picks on Muslims trying to live in peace and hurting no one, we wince and am reminded of Christians making fun of Jews and kikes and yids.....

Christians had all the hate-filled comments to make about Judaism which they are now making against Muslims and can Maher not see this? Of course his reply would be, "but this time we are RIGHT"....which is exactly what Germans said in 1933 about Judaism, a religion Euro Christians had been persecuting for 100 years and had finally found the industrial means to do something effective..."THIS time we got it right"!


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