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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 20:51:06 (UTC)
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But I would still say Islam has a better history than Christianity in spite of the current situation Muslims are in. If you look at Rome, Greece and other nations who became Christian, their lives didn't improve, and in fact, they went backwards after Christianity. Before Christianity, those people were well off. Islam and Arabs is a different story and their lives were reformed almost overnight. Arabs didn't care much for learning and were actually looked down on by the many empires who came and went without even attempting to conquer them. They were tribes who lived in the sands of Arabia and buried their infant daughters while they were alive. Islam improved them and this is admitted by any fair-minded intellectual and I was watching a documentary on Islam which was made by a bunch of Atheists and Jewish professors from Harvard, and other Ivy league schools; they were speaking very highly of it in regards of how Islam improved the conditions of the peoples who embraced it. This is something which cannot be claimed for Christianity because the people became worse off after it.


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