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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, March 14 2011, 1:24:05 (UTC)
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the single biggest difference between Christianity, Judaism and Islam is that Christianity was adopted by an the Roman Empire which, at the very time it discovered Jesus was controlling the lives of people in over 100 nations who were being brutalized into the Roman Empire and kept there by force and murder and torment etc.

Judaism and Islam on the contrary were adopted and formed by desert tribes of little or no commerce or power to speak of...there was no empire, no armies, no world-wide traders and navies....this had to color what each did with their religion...what purpose it served and why it was even attractive in the first place.

It's true what Rashad says that Christianity left people worse off...except for the fanatics who abandoned their families and all civic responsibilities, as Jesus told them to do, and went wandering to warn others to stop living and prepare to die....this was what infuriated Pagan governments where Christians were tolerated...the Christians refused to do their civic duty, they would not join with their neighbors to fix roads, mend dams or anything else that smacked of this world....all their focus was on the next one...indeed it's still not clear whether or not Christianity led to the fall of the Classical World and the ushering in of superstition, ignorance and what we know of as the Dark Ages.

This also caused a final break between Jews and Christians.,..when Titus attacked Jerusalem the Christians refused to take arms and defend their city...they said it was because there was a better life elsewhere and why fight in this one...which the beleagured Jews didn't appreciate, especially since until then the Christians had been more than happy to draw water from the same worldly wells and pasture their sheep in worldly pastures.

But that was early Christianity, with its saints, madmen actually, sitting on pillars or wedging themselves into caves...these were useless people taking up space until God took them to his bosom...that wasn't the Christianity of the Roman Empire, which actually invented modern day, industrial strength Christianity....but with the collapse of the Empire Europe turned even more savage and now backwards too...the classical buildings, the hospitals and museums and theatres were left to rot while all was prayer and beseeching Jesus to come his first visit had been a smashing success.

If I have a backed-up drain filled with sin and Whoredoms and plugged up with Fornications and flowing over with Lust and Vice and stinking with Greed and I call a Holy plumber...and he comes and lectures me and tells me what I should do to avoid this problem the next time and how it is that I got it plugged in the first place and also that I needn't worry because in heaven it smells so sweet and this plumber, instead of fixing my toilet goes and dies for me and my nasty toilet, leaving the toilet as bad as it ever was...and adds insult to injury by promising to come again....I wouldn't "wait on the Lord"...I'd call different plumber and never want to see Jesus again.


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