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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, March 14 2011, 10:10:09 (UTC)
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Rome adopted Christianity because it was convenient for the empire and Constantine was trying to keep the dishes from breaking. He didn't care or even understand the conflict within Christendom(between Arians and Catholics) but he just wanted to quickly find a solution to unite his empire under one banner. I have read the book by Dr Richard Rubenstein about the Arian conflict and what role Constantine played. He had close friends who were Bishops that belonged to the trinitarian persuasion so he went with that. During the council of Nicea(more like bullshit) he invited a 180 bishops and priests of which only 2 were Arian and the rest were all Trinitarians. Furthermore, he didn't even permit Arius to speak because he was only a priest. As you may already know how the story ends, the Arains were far too many and the majority of the population in the eastern part of the empire and were growing fast in the west also.

Constantine and his pagan soldiers ended up eliminating the Arians through violence and paved the way for Christianity. It was adopted as the religion of the empire and it was very convenient. Christianity really works well to keep slaves in check and that's exactly what happened to Romans and Greeks; a people who were known for culture, civilization, etc. The Roman emperor was the first big time leader to adopt this religion for his people and he had a motive in doing so. It wasn't any "visions" or "crying statues" but control, politics and other factors. The Armenian king also adopted Christianity for whatever he was given and then his soldiers automatically followed him, and they ended up forcing it on the rest of the population.

Besides the few fanatics you mentioned, and these people didn't know what soap was and walked barefoot, the rest of the people didn't adopt Christianity freely nor did it improve the conditions of the people. Unlike Islam which helped the Arabs and others who came to it since it was an upgrade to what was available prior, the same cannot be said for Christians and Europeans. Judaism also helped the Jewish people and it kept them unified throughout the world and especially during times of war. When the leader of the Jesus movement was murdered(whom I strongly believe was killed by Paul), even the Romanized Jews who hated the Orthodox movement actually participated in the riots and killed many Romans. Jews united in Jerusalem and managed to drive the Romans out and keep them out for 10 years. The uprising didn't occur after the death of Jesus(he must not have been so popular) but it definitely took place after Yacoub(James the Just) was killed. This is when the people had enough and said "we have allowed this to go on for too long".

Christianity is strange and it doesn't start with Jesus but is born after his alleged execution. It his after his death that this religion starts and it was never one unified faith and still isn't even today.


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