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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, November 23 2010, 21:21:42 (UTC)
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Mr. Rashad, you make some valid points regarding Ayaan Hirsi Ali. I know very little about her; but what I do remember was watching her on Bill Maher's show and thinking to myself: 'Why do some minorities end up as house boy/girls for the modern plantation owners (banker corporatists?')

I know nothing about Islam, Christianity, Judaism, etc.I was born in Tehran to a Muslim mother & an Assyrian father. I never got to really know my mom's relatives 'cause they're "Hoshareh!" I was forced to attend Church of the East - and the Chaldean Catholic Church -in Tehran in early to late '70s. I've not read any "holy books"... I prefer to read the english translation of Jallaludin Rumi, since, like Assyrian/Aramaic, I can only speak and not write, Farsi. When my mother reads to me (and breaks down) Hafez in Persian, I am always moved, motivated, full of love for life and humanity. (Not out of fear of a man-made man-god who uses fear to keep me in line.) So, my suggestion is this: listen to the poets, the artists, the philosophers, and not the priests, imams, rabbis, gurus, etc. My other suggestion is for those who are thinkers/seekers: Go to Joshua Tree and take a Magic Mushroom Journey into the nothingness of being -- the way of the mystics.
Reagarding Malik al Shabazz (Malcom x) with whom I share the Malik name, I speculate that "he was bad for business" since he turned many junkies, dope dealers, pimps, thieves, and whores into upstanding, moral community activists.
That's just my speculation.

Marcel Georgio Malik

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