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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, February 28 2011, 1:20:06 (UTC)
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I'm gonna look for this article I read a few months back about the CIA and the New York Art Circle (de Kooning, Pollock and the rest of the cum-splatterers) and mail it to you.

Although Marcuse's work is hard for me to digest at times, I highly recommend reading him. Another thing he points out is that in the modern capitalist democracies, everything is permitted (to a degree), even rebellion and protest, to the point of becoming as normal as 'Reality TV'. With the freedom to protest, a society seems free. That's why so many Americans believe the illusion that they're free. But the freedom they experience is purely a freedom to purchase and consume which further binds them "libidinally" to the "tolerant fathers" of the system. If they want sexual gratification, they can purchase and consume porn; if they want temporary escape from their reality, there are drugs; if they want to be weekend revolutionaries, they can wear 'Che' T-shirts and pontificate about the prolatariat. The "libidinal" connection to the "tolerant fathers" means the "second-nature" within the consciousness of a consumer society is evoked and exploited by advertisers to not only sell their wares, but to infiltrate and mold the realm of thought by the artitificial supplanting of a "second-nature" instinct, and therefore, "selling" the needed illusion of freedom.(Read about the PR system of Freud's newphew, Eward Bernays, and the man who coined "manufacturing consent", Waler Lippmann; or watch the film "Psywars" on YouTube and "Century of the Self", also on Youtube.)


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