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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, March 14 2011, 22:32:25 (UTC)
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Only Sir Alec Guinness, of all actors we know of, turned down the role of Christ....he said he could never manage to get into such a role....and that's saying a lot from such a fine actor...besides which such roles are the kiss of death....kiss your career goodbye, unless you're very very lucky, or have it in your contract that the studio will have to put you into ten other films to make up for that one role.....look at Jim Crazyweezle...what's he done since Jesus...or Jeffrey Hunter, who was an awful actor anyway and deserved to die, as an actor. Max Von Sydow doesn't count because he's too good to ignore plus which, like actors who only agree to do commercials in Thailand, his Jesus film probably was crucified here and never made it to Europe.....


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