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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, March 13 2011, 21:00:45 (UTC)
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Hitchens needs to read the Bible more often because that's where this idea comes from. I've seen Gibson's movie and it's no different than any other Jesus movie except the language, picture, graphics and all the other fancy stuff which didn't exist with the old one because of technology. The Bible gives the idea that Jews had the Romans in their pockets. The Coptic church and some other sects have even gone as far as saying that Pontius Pilate should be regarded a saint. Jews are blamed for the execution of Jesus and this is something that goes against historical reality, but then again, Christianity is a huge contradiction against history anyway. Hitchens should do a little more homework because Gibson is only going in accordance with his holy book.

I still find it funny that Pontius, who was known for cruelty and was moved to Palestine for a good reason, is made to be a wimp in the Bible and someone who feared the Jews so much that he executed Jesus because of them. The Bible is even more absurd when it goes as far as saying he washed his hands and claimed to be innocent of "his blood". Pontius had tens of thousands of Jews crucified for simply voicing their opinions aginst the occupation and the taxes, yet he wouldn't wanna kill one more Jew when he killed many more after him? And he only killed him because the Jews wanted him dead? Bull shit.


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