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Re: Michael Moore's clip on guns
Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, February 18 2013, 19:53:10 (UTC)
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it seems like every American I mention Moore to hates him and refuses to watch his videos. I have come to know why, it's the same reason Americans hate social programs and everything else which they are ignorant of and think they know it so well. In this country, "socialist" is used as an insult. I was recently called a socialist by a republican and he thought I was as thin skinned as Christians are so I put him on top of a dick. If that's what he wants to call me, so be it. If what I stand for makes me a socialist, so be it. I am not offended and no, Obama is not socialist and giving money to private companies is not socialism. Boy, I still I wish I could be locked in a room with a Bill O'reilly, John McCain, sean Hannity or any of the likes. Lock me in a room where neither of us can get out and I promise, I will be coming out alive each time.


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