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Re: Michelle and the Right Racists
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Wednesday, May 13 2015, 20:45:18 (UTC)
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"This is a delightful time to watch Uncle Toms who work for the white man squirm, or try not to, as they "report the news", where Blacks are involved.

...the answer to "how much shit can an Uncle Tom eat" is provided by "How much shit have they been fed before and learned to swallow"? And for that you can thank the same white man who now puts them to work at a very good and "white" salary, to eat shit in public.....after a lifetime of swallowing, some things go down easy...especially when greased by a lot of money."

-- I read a quote today which reminded me of your quote above:

"People who think they're free in this world just haven't come to their end of their leash yet."

-- Michael Parenti


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