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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, December 26 2007, 0:06:41 (CET)
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Jumblat wrote:
>In any way a GENOCIDE is a GENOCIDE no matter who does the killing, being that in the same group or on others.

...yes, but if you're trying to claim that islam is guilty of genocide, you have to first, humbly and honestly, admit that Christians are far more guilty...and then tell us when in the modern era they committed any.
>If Christians or Muslim kill each other or do the killing to themselves it is a GENOCIDE ., that's murder. You still don't know what the word doesn't mean "lots of people killed" means a DELIBERATE targeting of ONE a SYSTEMATIZED slaughter. Had Muslims wanted to wipe out Christians they could have done so in 1400 years...we've been over this before: Christians were killed by Muslims for what they DID, not who they are. You Christians conducted a SYSTEMATIC search for set up trains and terminals, special camps and went LOOKING for anyone with a FRACTION of Jewish "blood", whatever that means...and you developed an entire army to round them up, ship them, work them to death, gas them, use their body fat to make soap, their skin to make lampsahdes, pulled their gold teeth, shaved their hair to stuff cushions and conducted experiments on their children...this is a SYSTEMATIC and CONCERTED effort aimed at ONE PEOPLE...and so it is a was Christian treatment of Native Americans.

There is absolutely nothing like this, though you dearly wish there was, in Muslim history, especially not in the last 100 years...though I'm still waiting for any proof that there EVER was.

I realize that, especially at Christmas when you people love to ooze love and peace while murdering innocent people right through December 25th, that you are ashamed of yourselves and find it harder than ever to pull off your great lie...but that's your problem, not mine.
>The bottom line, many GENOCIDES occurred on our Assyrian people and one of them

..not a single one...and I'm still waiting for the evidence of any. Our people were VICTIMS many times...but in isolated cases and usually because of what they DID. Christianity PLANNED to wipe out all Jews...just didn't have enough time to do it. Islam had 1400 years and if they ever wanted to do it, could have...easily.

that its memory still is not forgotten what happened to us on the hands of TURKS and the Q......s during the years 1914-1917 get all your information from professional liars...your priests and church. We see how much even you disrespect them when they turn "traitors" and "liars" you all accuse Mar Bawi of being, all of a sudden. If this is what you think of your own clergy...then as far as I'm concerned you are ALL potential liars and traitors and not to be trusted...ever.

...Had the Turks wanted to commit genocide they would have done what the Christians did to the Jews...they never did. Christians in cities were unmolested...and most Christians, as most Muslims died as a result of starvation and for the Kurds, they too had good reason to be angry at the treachery of the know, like Mar Bawi became to YOU? You can read all about it in a real history book...which I have excerpted in a post here...for your education...which is a useless thing because "I KNOW"!


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