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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Monday, January 23 2017, 19:26:56 (UTC)
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...this business of casting Osama Bin Laden as an arch villain is a bit stale. What has actually been proven, not alleged, against the man?

What was George Washington but OUR terrorist-in-chief? How many widows and orphans did our Revolution result in? Weren't the Brits simply doing what we do now; hold on to their empire and expand it any way they can?

Since when is it a crime to fight back with all your might against those who illegally attack and occupy your country and home? Since when?

Is it because we think of Darkies in the old Colonial way as less-than-human and therefore not entitled to OUR rights? Aren't they human rights, or is the whole point that Darkies aren't human?

We "support" it to do what? Aren't they simply doing our bidding while we shed croc tears about how they FORCE us?

We started the round of violence in the MidEast through our blind support of our surrogate, Israel....and now we blame the people we have harmed for wanting to harm us in return. We have turned our own lives inside out in an effort to "protect" ourselves from our OWN actions...which have brought and will continue to bring reactions against us...and none of it needed to happen....we never LOVED Jews..and we don;t now...we simply found a way to USE Jews and the cover for that is our insistence that we must "protect" them even while we goad the Palestinians into taking action against their tormentors.

None of it had to be. We had enough resources and could have bought, fairly, what we lacked if not for the money-mad among us whop want it all, and want to steal most of it and then have the rest of us pay and fight for their crimes of greed.

Go Trump....any real enemy of the USA would wish Trump well.


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