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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, October 9 2011, 0:14:49 (UTC)
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That's why it is impossible for me to watch American TV and esp news. It makes me sick when I hear O'Reiley or Maher make it seem as if Jews and Christians have always been together and Muslims are their enemy. If one didn't know ancient history and recent history, such person would have the perception that Muslims and Jews have always fought while Christians always loved them. I remember few years ago I was going to rent an apartment and the landlord and his wife asked me what my ethnicity was and I told them from Iraq and they both kinda froze there and then my mom told them "but we are Christian orthodox" and the lady goes "oh, thank god, we don't want any mozlems living here, their prophet mohammed told them to kill all the Jews" and I didn't know much back then so I was just kinda quiet. I had my own prejudices towards Muslims so I didn't speak up, but it's funny that about a year later I had become Muslim and i wish I was still living in that old Jew bitch apt so I could have told her I am Muslim alhamdulillah allahu akbar, salaam aleykom and maybe give her an heart attack by saying no god but allah and muhammad is his messenger. She would have died being a racist bitch she was.

I think she was Jewish and her husband was a baptist Christian but it was a short time I lived in their apt before I broke my lease and she was so happy when I moved out so she could give the apt to a white college student. As for Israelis, they are European after all so it's normal for them to feel closer to Germans who fucked their sisters few decades ago. It's worse when an Arab or two kill few Jews compare to millions being killed by Christians. Eri gu Israel, their god and judaism. Fuck Israel and may it rot.


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