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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Sunday, December 9 2007, 20:47:41 (CET)
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So that is your problem and it seems that you have a hard time grasping that people learn,research and make changes. How did Malcolm X change after all those years? He thought he was Muslim all along but he only discovered Islam a few months before his assasination and that is when he had embraced it a few months before he was murdered. How do you explain that? is it not possible to learn after so many years of follwing something blindly? do you have to hate people because one decides to accept something that is true? I had to swallow my pride and realize that I was following the foot steps of others blindly. I was never kissy kissy with Assyrians but always disagreed with their ways or idealogies. You are either playing dumb or you must not go very far to see that the "Assyrianism" of today is nothing but a Christian thing and as Pancho put it it will go down the "toilet". Tell any of those omtanaye friends that there Assyrians who are not Christian and the'll have a heart attack.

I tell you another good example. I have an Assyrian friend of mine on my messenger list. She is Suryoyo but not Christianized at all. She claims to be "Ashurist" and is very passionate about "omta" work. She has a bunch of friends on her list. Over 100 of them and all are invloved with omta work. Some are young others are old, yet all of them claim to be working for "Assyrianism" . So she has been urging me for the longest to get involved with her and her friends. She remembers me from before I was Muslim and is one of the few that still remained friendly with me afterwards to this day. Yet when she was telling me about her friends and how I should get involved, it wasn't long before the magic word appeared, "but" "they will have a big problem with you being Muslim". Just like that, the poor woman revealed to me what their "Assyrianism" is really like. Of course she was angered by them too and said they are so "narrow minded" but she was honest and told me that it is best not to talk to them after all.

So am I or Pancho making this up on our own? are you really that fucking stupid to ignore the fact that almost all "Assyrian People" of today are really just a Christian people or are you? Just look around you, they give it away themselves. Now of course I can understand the elderly who didn't learn much and were sincere Church going people, but a person who claims "omta" "Assyrianism" and to be that way there is no excuse. Just read articles written by Assyrians and see how almost all express nothing but their prejudices and fully practice an "Assyrianism" which is based on nothing but dog shit. Now I know that our brother Jumblat stated in his last message that "Assyria" is over everything and I am assuming he is Suryoyo Assyrian and I have a few friends on my messenger list who are Suryoye as well and they really mean "Assyrian" when they say it and just "Christian". When I say I am an "Assyrian" I don't have to sit there and explain that I am not a Christian because it is supposed to be about "heritage" right? Or if a German becomes Muslims, atheist or whatever else, does he not have a right to be German? of course not.

So how can one explain that there is a group of people who are split between various hostile denominations and are claiming to be Assyrians when there are millions of others of other faiths who also are claiming the same ancastry and heritage? You can't even find 2 web sites which are not fully Christianized and other Assyrians can't even mention their existence. There is no excuse for that nor does it take much to figure out that it is nothing but a religious thing. There are many Jews who have been accepting Islam or some are even atheists yet are still Jewish and are in the end still accepted. Because if "Jewish" means only one who follows "Judaism", then the born again Christians are fucked with their little "Messiah" prophesy since the government of Israel and most who claim to be Jews are not even Jews. That is another issue also. Our Assyrian issue is a bigger problem because we are dealing with a group of people who just recently came from mountains and started saying we are "Assyrians" while the rest of the Iraqis were claiming Assyrian/Babylonian ancastry all along.

Also keep in mind that it wasn't until recently that the few Chaldeans and Jacobites began calling themselves "Assyrians". When the British gave that name to the Nestorians, that was their intend to identify them as Assyrians while they knew all along that Muslims were also of Assyrian ancastry in Iraq but they had a plan. Today we got a few western Christian minnionaries who pretend as if they care about the Assyrians of Iraq when in reality they hate the Assyrians for what they did to their slave masters (the zionists, not all real Jews, but zionists). Those missionaries are crying for their own agenda and that is to find ignorant, naive, desperate Iraqis whom they can brainwash and make them slaves to the zionists, and they are using the few Christians of Iraq(whom they can't stand by the way) as their bridge. Do they not fucking know that there are millions of Iraqis who claim Assyrian ancastry? did they forget when Saddam dropped those missiles on the Zionists in 1991, the same fucking people were calling him the next "Sargon" and "Nebuchtnasser". Now they want to pretend as if they care about the few Christian Assyrians.

They don't care at all, and almost no one takes this "Assyrianism" thing serious. If they truly mean "Assyrian" heritage and ancastry, then the millions of us Muslims want an invitation to the picnic as well, but if it is only a Christian thing or a particular church/religious denomination, they can keep it. Because I am more than glad to give some web sites of Iraqi Muslims who love their heritage and history, but they know the modern Assyrianism is not what it claims to be. They would achieve a lot more if they were open minded and not church fanatics. If they were really serious, they wouldn't have a problem because there are millions of Iraqis who claim the same ancastry. Just as Indians are not all Hindus, yet are still Indians, why can't Assyrians do so? the Indian people got along just fine until the fucking British colonizers came in few centuries ago. Muslims, Hindus and other Indians lived together in peace and prospered for over 900 years under Islamic Sharia. Same in Mesopotamia, we had the millet system in which we had recognition both religiously and ethnically. The Iraqi people mixed together, married and prospered together. The Nestorian Bishop use to travel together with the Caliph to Egypt to meet with other Christians there.

So, that is what I been saying, and we don't have to hate or be working for zionists in order to do what we do or say what we say. If there is anyone who can't stand zionists, that would be me and I would never work with them or support those filthy kufar. I am not talking about Orthodox Jews, but actual Zionists which are not even Orthodox Jews, and in some cases not even Jewish. Just be more open minded and you will know that me or our brother Pancho are not anti Assyrians at all, but maybe anti people like you, lol. Anyways peace out and that's enough 4 now.


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