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Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Saturday, March 5 2011, 6:33:57 (UTC)
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I can't mention names but an assyrian woman, a scholar with a doctorate responded to my positive remarks about Dr Joseph by saying..."well, I guess if you want to beleieve whatever the latest reseacrh come up with".

That struck me as odd...should you reject recent research results because they are recent? How would we ever replace old the world is flat?

And what is the significance of NOT accepting research? I mean shouldn't you weigh the evidence on its merits and not on how long its been around or how commonly it is believed?

All in all it seemed arather lame attack on Dr Joseph's work...besides which his conclusions are based on old evidence that's been in the files and records for over 150 years...ever since Christian missionaries first began meddling over there...Dr Joseph quotes their words, he doesn't invent any.

It's a serious mark against us that we treat this scholar in such a way while lavishing our praises on our own idiots, or Euro scholars who have a vested, Christian, interest in stroking our balls the way we like..."sure you are,,,you ARE the direct desecndant of run along and play"


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