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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Sunday, March 6 2011, 1:44:21 (UTC)
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I compare Assyrians to a child who is used to eating snickers all his life and suddenly someone takes it from him. Assyrians were fed with bullshit all their lives by their priests and family so they can't accept something like this. I was raised with the same prejudices as the rest of them and it was hard to break away from it but I did it anyways. My fascination with Islam is what also helped me get rid of my prejudices because my focus became more on brotherhood with all ethnic groups and not racism and feeling superior to others. If you ever notice people like Hitchens, Maher etc, who are supposed to be open-minded yet still can't free themselves from the same prejudices that most White people share(White people of all religions).

I always remember the words of brother Malcolm X, when he said he saw White people in Mecca that lacked the racist and superior mindset of those in America because Islam had removed that from their hearts and humbled them.


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