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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Saturday, March 5 2011, 7:36:02 (UTC)
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Bottom line. Dr John Joseph does the real stuff while Aprim, no matter how hard he tries, does nothing that we can't. We can "write" books too and make our own websites on which we proclaim ourselves as historians but it will only fly with those who share our ideas. What Dr. Joseph does is unique to these people because he happens to be one of their own and not some western writer so it makes him a traitor automatically. I would have probably reacted the same way to him during my years of ignorance but I know better now.

I hate, and I mean absolutely hate it when someone tells me to read Aprim's new book and they become puzzled when I tell them "sorry I only rely on real historians and not janitors or mechanical engineers". In their mind, those clowns are real historians while a Joseph must be fake. I read parts of his book online and was fascinated by all the information. I recently recommended it to my Russian Muslim buddy who it turns out knows of Dr Joseph and knows a whole lot on Nestorians. He believed all the bullshit from our nationalists until I told him to read Dr Joseph's book and he actually purchased it.


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