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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Tuesday, March 22 2011, 19:46:07 (UTC)
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I feel you on the Afghan girl thing lol. They could have a man wanna do that. They speak a dialect of Farsi also so I know you can talk to them. The US is always hypocritical and those in Yemen, Bahrain, etc, are all puppets for them. Qadafi isn't and that's why they get involved.

As for Shah, these people including Ataturk, were stupid and uneducated when it came to history. They acted as if Muslim women weren't educated in the past. Ottoman Turkey was ahead of the west in education, science, technology, etc. Women worse scarfs and long clothing yet were still educated and had good positions in society. The media acts as if these secular dictatorships brought something to Muslims that was unheard of before. And that Ataturk, he was an agent for the British in reality and helped put an end to the empire. The Kemalists worship him because he kicked out the Caliph and made Turks dress like stinking Euros but they don't realize he was actually making life better for the British. Ottomans controlled a lot of land in which there were resources, and the west wanted control over those lands. That is why they used them stupid Assyrians, Armenians, Ataturk, Arabs and anyone they could.

People like Ataturk, Shah and other leaders of this mentality actually make a mockery of their culture, people and self. Wearing suits and ties doesn't make one civilized but it sure makes one look like a wannabe cracker and that's what they were anyway. Ataturk wasn't a real Turk anyway so I can see why he would die to be European.


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