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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Tuesday, March 22 2011, 14:26:00 (UTC)
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My Jewish comrades online ask: why is it that the Saudis and UAE thugs (with US arms) are killing and crushing the Bahrain non-violent protesters...or those in Yemen? Or, why was it when Israeli Occupation Forces, who murdered 1400 Gazans (700 civilians; 300 of whom were innocent childern) did not necessitate a "no fly zone" by the International Community - and further, spit on - and disregarded the 'Goldstone Report'?

I almost became a Sufi Muslim (that is, my own atheistic version of it) when I had fallen in love with an Afghan girl. I even agreed to fast for the last 10 tens of Ramadan, but failed, since I refused to go to the Mosque, stop smoking ganja, cigarettes, vodka... and a bit of cocaine to help with the fast.

Ultimately, she married a Lebanese Muslim who had just returned from the Haj.

Heartbroken, I went to the Catholic Church (parallel to Turk st. in San Francisco) but left in disgust when I saw a junky draw water into his syringe from the basin of "holy water". So, I took refuge at Lawrence Ferlingheti's 'City Lights Books' in North Beach, and read poetry about 'unrequited love'.

The other Afghans I've met in Freemont, SF and LA have all told me the same: the Afghan Communists modernised our country in which the litracy rate were higher than before, women were in position of power, a free press, amongs just a few of its achievements.

While watching the film: "Iran: A Cinematographic Revolution", an Iranian filmmaker simply explains that after the Russian October Revolution, the West, encircled the Soviets by handpicking "progressive" dictatorships.. Reza Shah, the father of the Shah, in emulating Ataturk, felt as if forcing his population to wear suits, instead of traditional garb, outlawing 'chador' (veil), he would, in his mind, bring civilization to Iran. He DID not bring civilization to Iran... there's a great difference between 'modernization and civilization,' the old filmmaker explains.


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