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Posted by Rashad (Guest) - Monday, March 7 2011, 2:26:18 (UTC)
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You welcome my brother and thanks for the link. I don't see any difference between Nazism, Zionism or Assyrianism at all. Contrary to the popular opinion, Zionism is not the savior of Jewish people and many of them object to that and it has only created hatred for them from the rest. It is also important to keep in mind that the biggest supporters of Zionists are Christians, and the Evangelic or born-again fucks in particular. Their version of charity is giving money to Zionists to fight Arabs.

There is also a Jewish professor in Israel(can't remember his name now) but he has caught a lot of heat from the racist Jews because he believes the Palestinians are descendants of the Israelites and just converted to Islam. It's kind of how the modern Iraqis of today are obviously somewhat related to the ancient Mesopotamians but the crackers like Aprim and the rest like to believe that only Christians are true Assyrian. I honestly see more Assyrian or Babylonian in the Iraqi Muslims than I see from the Christian fucks who lack the balls that the ancient have.

I can relate to you even though both my parents are Assyrian. I remember you mentioning recently that your father didn't want you hanging with the Muslim kids back home and I went through the same thing with my father also. We lived with Turks all around us in Germany and I always felt closer to them than the Germans who were supposed to be my own Christians, but my father didn't want me hanging with Turks because they were Muslims. I was raised with the same racist ideas and even called myself a proud Assyrian Nazi(Gosh was I fucking stupid back then). I had no problem with Muslims getting bombed, having their children killed etc, because they were nothing but "demons" and "sons of scorpions" but a man can change and I did that as I became older. Because of my childhood and what all I experienced in my life, I have almost no tolerance for nationalism and I view it as nothing different from racism. Sure, we should love our country which fed us and we lived in but I won't go to extremes with it.

I don't like Kurdish nationalists, Turkish, Assyrian etc but our boys are the worse and I think it's because they are Christian and they get it from the inventors of Jesus(White people). Jews were persecuted by Europeans9Christians) for a very long time but some of these same victims turned around and became persecutors against another helpless victim. What makes the Euro Jew different from the Christian is his religion but they both share the same prejudices. I know Middle Eastern Jews and they cool as hell and I even have a White Jewish co-worker and he cool too but I can see his prejudices easily as he behaves no different from an ordinary White Christian when it comes to Blacks, Mexicans etc.

Did you see the part of the video around the 33 minute mark? If not, please do, it's hilarious as he tells the story in Israel. The guy is so funny and I had tears in my eyes from laughing. I was partially hi of course so maybe that had something to do with it lol.


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