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Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Monday, March 7 2011, 17:15:12 (UTC)
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This is probably some sort of Machiavellian psychological war of creating fear and capitalizing on it - mainly to sell the illusion of security no matter what the human cost (I haven't read Machiavelli..just guessing). The indiscriminate murder of striking American union workers and their families by Federal troops, as in the case of the Ludlow Massacre, was to fill exploited laborers with anxiety and obedience (and bust unions just as they are trying now in Wisconsin). There's a scene in the Orson Well's film "The Third Man" when Orson's character is high up on a lift looking down on the crowd below him and he says something like 'look how small they are, like tiny dots, how insignificant, how expendable.' We are all little people, and we are all expendable.


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