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Re: Neo-Nazi Skins Played Role in Pro-Trump Rally
Posted by Marcello (Guest) - Friday, April 28 2017, 18:05:53 (UTC)
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They won't "see the light" of his dark dealings as he wages a class war against them by pumping more money into his and his friends' pockets. Instead, they'll blame Muslims, Mexicans, socialists, the LGBTQ, women, etc. The educated among them, like this Richard Spencer guy, blame "the Jews". Spencer's mentor, by the way, is the Bronx-born Paleoconservative, Paul Gottfried, who did his PhD. under the guidance of...(drum roll)... Herbert Marcuse (Markuza) of the neo-Marxist Frankfurt School:

I can't copy the entire article because I have to take out all of the %&%*$ bullshit, but give this a read:

The Alt-Right's Jewish Godfather


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