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Re: Neo-Nazi Skins Played Role in Pro-Trump Rally
Posted by pancho (Moderator) - Friday, April 28 2017, 17:24:21 (UTC)
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..of all of these clowns the saddest are the poor whites who believe Trump is their savior, as they believed Hitler as they believed Mussolini and Peron and the rest who co-opt religions "have faith" mantra.

...they're the same people who believed Trump's university con...the same ones who believe the these people you don't have to actually do anything about filling your needs, you just have to "have faith"...and when that doesn't work, they still don't blame themselves for being damn fools, but for not having even more faith....

...I suspect that the majority of Trump faithfuls are evangelicals, and other born again or just plain Christians who've transferred their desire for a Messiah to Trump....the idea that a fake billionaire who's made a living out of cheating and lying is going to care about them is about as sensible as believing the god of the universe gives a shit for their hopes and dreams....but they've been primed to yearn for that and believe it will happen....Trump or Jesus, they'll take either one...and get the same zero.


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