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Posted by pancho (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 22:44:18 (CET)
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As for their younger generation, they are more messed up than the elders because most of them are either westernized and don't care and others have become fanatics for Christ as worse than ever. is interesting how eagerly they seek to be Westernized but hate being "Arabized". Their loyalties are such that a totally foreign culture 10,000 miles away is more appealing than the one of their neighbors, with whom their children share a culture that goes back 1400 years.

..they live for Christ and will attach themselves to any Christian from the West over common bonds with their brothers and sisters who are only separated from them by a religion...not even a language since they all speak Arabic in Arab countries and Farsi in Iran. wonder they are viewed with suspicion...and all the more reason that none of them, with Western Christian violence backing their lciams are going to get a "nation" carved out from BetNahrain.

..because they are happily foolish they think everyone else will be as well.


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