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Posted by AssyrianMuslim (Guest) - Wednesday, January 2 2008, 21:48:23 (CET)
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They believe these things in order to hype themselves up. It's just like in the past 100 years or so they have done nothing politically except blame everything on Muslims. Their excuse to cover up their miserable actions is the book of Isiah which they don't even understand, which can be interpreted in so many ways and scholars have had a different view about this unknown author whom they now believe didn't even write the book. I tell you like this. As for those whose assyria is based on the Bible, they can continue to deceeive themselves with this book. One would thing that people learn from their mistakes but these people never seem to want to make changes or learn. For example, the Bible in the English language has only been in existense for less than 400 years and has only been available to the average household for less than a century or so. In such short period of time, there are now thousands and thousands of cults that just originated in the U.S. alone. A nation that is barely 200 years old has more cults than one can imagine. All these cults originate and get their doctrines from the same book(Bible). Is it that these people can't read? No of course they can read but the book is useless and one can justify any doctrine that is suitable from this book. Suddenly there are different versions being done by different denominations and by far the most accurate of all and the most honest of all is the RSV version which first was put together in 1952 and even that one has undergone "revisions" and revisions ever since. Yet still these clowns base their entire "assyrianism" and "omta" on a couple of verses that they don't even understand.

Ask five different pastors of five different churches what these verses indicate and I assure you that none of them will give you the same answer. Then go ask the assyrian priests and they will give you a whole different answer which the pastors will not take serious. That has been a good help for me during my talks with certain Christians which tried to attack me uin a rude manner and ended up attacking each other when they turn out to be of different denominations and even read different vesrions. All you have to do is bring a Jehova Witness and someone from another of the 34,000 different sects, cults and denominations and they'll end up killing each other before anything. But all these sects have their missionary workers in other countries trying to "save" people. Their message isn't useful or wanted in their own country so they try to export it to third world countries hoping to bribe a few poorer and naive people who are desperate for food and medicine.

The worse and saddest event was the day these Assyrians became Christian and the day they switched from being "Assyrian" to being "Syriac" "Nestorians" and "Christians". They have done nothing Assyrian in centuries even when they had all the freedom to do it but everything of theirs was "Christian" and "Nestorian". They have build more churches in America but at the same time the average person in Chicago don't even know what Assyrians are. As for their younger generation, they are more messed up than the elders because most of them are either westernized and don't care and others have become fanatics for Christ as worse than ever. Nevertheless, they have nothing to do with Christ no matter how much they try to preach their "gospel" which is a fabrication anyways.


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